Radhe Maa’s teachings, which emphasise the value of jeev seva in the form of good works or service to society and animals have their roots in the teachings of her guru and her own realizations. Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa is a spiritual teacher in the ancient Sanatan Hindu tradition. She was born in Dorangala Village in Gurudaspur, Punjab, and lives currently in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Radhe Maa was initiated into spiritual practice by her guru Shri Shri Mahant Ramdeen Das 1008 of the Paramhans Bagh Dera, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, when she was 23, after which she dedicated herself completely to the service of Lord Shiva and Maa Shakti. The elder of her two sons was just three-year-old when this happened. “I do not have two but lakhs of children. Should I neglect their welfare?” Radhe Maa said.

Since she abandoned the grihastha ashram, all Radhe Maa has spoken and done has been for her devotees. Radhe Maa worships Lord Shiva and Devi through teerth yatras, bhajan, and ritualistic worship prescribed by the shastras of the Sanatan Hindu Dharma. She prescribes the same path for those who wish to transcend maya and attain moksha in this Kaliyuga. Radhe Maa’s devotees have countless stories to share about her ability to glean what they are thinking at a given point in time. Radhe Maa considers all her devotees, whatever their age, her children. She hugs her devotees who attest that they feel extremely positive, light and inspired when she takes them in her motherly embrace.

Radhe Maa is offered beauty aids and dresses by her devotees as an act of gratitude for her presence in their lives. The devotees believe Radhe Maa’s shringar helps them manifest beauty and prosperity in their own lives.

Mamtamai Shri Radhe Maa’s seva takes three forms. Once a fortnight, a Mata ki Chowki of Maa Durga and bhajan sandhya is held in her sannidhya at her Bhavan in Borivali, Mumbai, which is free and open to all devotees. After the chowki of Maa Durga, Radhe Maa’s devotees proceed for her darshan. Radhe Maa often accepts invitations from devotees to bless their homes with her presence.

Devotees consider Radhe Maa’s darshan and her ‘drishti’ to be a channel of her divine grace.

Radhe Maa says that all God asks for on our part for bestowing his grace is complete surrender.